“What I would’ve given to know then what I know now!”

Through N•Link, alumni can share, and students can learn from, the knowledge established professionals have gained through their many career experiences. N•Link is a platform through which alumni can share insights with current students on career-oriented questions such as:

  • What subject areas will best prepare a student for a particular career field?
  • What do hiring managers really look for on a new graduate’s resume?
  • What are the latest trends in a particular profession?
  • What’s the best way to get started in this line of work?

The N•Link Mentor Directory provides a quick and easy way to search for volunteer alumni mentors based on job function, title, profession, and other criteria. Become a mentor or mentee, and avoid the regretful sentiment “What I would’ve given then to know what I know now.”


Sharing your time and professional knowledge is a meaningful way to give back. Assisting a student on their way to entering the workforce can be a rewarding experience for you, and life-changing interaction for the student. What you have learned as a professional has value. Lend your knowledge through N•Link, and make a difference.

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Take advantage of the vast knowledge and insight of established professionals who proceeded you at NSU. What alumni have to share can reinforce your decision on a major, help jump-start your career or keep you from wasting credit hours and tuition by learning something about a particular profession you had not previously considered.

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