The NSU Alumni Association maintains a proud tradition of leadership and stewardship through its board of directors which serves to ensure external support for the mission, vision and values of the university. The Alumni Association board of directors consists of up to 18 members serving four-year terms. The president and vice president are elected by the board and serve in these capacities for two years. Committee chairs are appointed by the president.

The Alumni Association is always looking for dedicated alumni who are interested in volunteering and serving on the board of directors. If you would like to know more, please contact the Director of Alumni Services.

Executive Committee

Andrea Tucker '05 & '09 - President
Michael Bolding '01 - Vice President
Barbara Abercrombie '93 - Immediate Past President

Elizabeth Cotrill '16 - Secretary
Harlan Guthrie '95 - Events Chair
Daniel Johnson '91 - Director of Alumni Services
Justin Lindsey '92 & '95 (Past President) - Membership Chair

At-Large Board Members

Carol Ann Barkley '78
Richard Carter '63
John Cox '85 & '89
Becky Gore '91 (Past President)
Gilbert Hall '81
Stephen Highers '05 (Past President)
Anna Knight '86 & '93
Jessica Mugg '10 & '13
Lisa Smith '02
Kylé Thornton-Hicks '05 & '08
Michael Turner '91 & '98
Lewis Wilson '72