Outstanding Young Alumni

First awarded in 2000, this award is presented annually to an NSU alumnus who graduated in the past twenty years, and through personal achievement and service, has brought honor and distinction to both himself/herself and the University. Past recipients are below. 

2000: Matt Henderson
2001: Allan Trimble
2002: Ryker Young
2003: Glenn Coffee
2004: John deSteiguer
2005: Susan Illgen
2006: Todd Allen Rolland
2007: Linda Hasler-Reid
2008: Eddie Miller
2009: Jenyfer Glisson
2010: Dawn Holsted
2011: Carrie Underwood
2012: Michael Kayser
2013: Michael Bolding 
2014: Sarah Vann
2015: Kelly Bailey
2016: Jay Falkner
2017: Kiemonn Jones